The Human Touch in Recruitment – Why Relationships and Feedback Matter

To AI or not to AI in recruitment, that is my question!

In an era where AI and automation are transforming industries, the recruitment sector faces a pivotal question – can machines fully replace the human touch? I strongly believe that the answer is no!

AI can undoubtedly streamline many aspects of the recruitment process, from initial screenings to data analysis. However, it lacks the empathy and understanding that only a human can provide. Building effective relationships with candidates goes beyond matching keywords on a CV to job descriptions. It involves listening to their career aspirations, understanding their motivations, and providing personalised guidance, that, let’s be honest, a robot can’t do, yet……

One of the most crucial aspects of recruitment is feedback. Automated rejection emails can leave candidates feeling undervalued and frustrated. In contrast, constructive feedback from a recruiter can help them improve and stay motivated. This not only fosters a positive candidate experience but also enhances the company’s reputation as an employer who cares about individuals, not just numbers.

Supporting candidates through the recruitment process is essential. It’s about more than just saying no, it’s about guiding them towards opportunities where they can thrive. Our ethos at Hadrians, is to prioritise people at all counts, we continually ask and challenge ourselves to think about every situation and candidate or hiring manager conversation, is this the right thing to do?  How would we feel in the candidates’ shoes?  How would we like to be treated?  And how can we do the best for both our candidates and clients we work with each day.  In my very humble opinion, the future of recruitment lies in the balance of technology and the irreplaceable human touch.

If any of my readers reading this article would like to discuss this topic further, I’d love to hear from you.

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