Assesment Centres

Assessment centres are a great opportunity for you to show an employer your best over a range of exercises for them to get to know you better.

Some types of exercises you might be asked to complete

The assessment can consist of several different exercises depending on the vacancy you have applied for. These can include:

Role plays

This is a great way to assess your approach to dealing with customers. Typically used for customer facing positions, you play out a scenario based on a working example as if you were already in the role.


These reveal numerous abilities from effective oral communication to time management and are sometimes given to you before the assessment so you can prepare to present a specific job-related topic, or, on the day.

Psychometric tests

They provide a profile built on your qualities, knowledge and skills. It can highlight areas to be explored further at interview stage with employers to predict how you might perform in the workplace.

Intray exercises

These exercises allow us to assess your ability to prioritise tasks and interpret information in a workplace situation.

Group discussions

A brilliant way to assess different personalities in a group and understand how you work with others. Focus is on assessing your ability to influence, communicate and collaborate with others.

Personality questionnaires

A report used to measure your personality and behavioural style. They relate to aspects of your personality which are relevant to the workplace.

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