Welcome to a new Hadrians

Sarah Bell, CEO of Hadrian’s Resourcing Solutions

Welcome to a new Hadrians
Sarah Bell, CEO of Hadrians Resourcing Solutions

Hello and welcome to our newly branded website and notably, new name!

You might be wondering why we’ve changed our name and why now, well, I’ll try to keep this short and explain.

We felt that we’d outgrown our name of Hadrians Recruitment which we’ve had since I founded the business back in 2014.  The name was absolutely fitting of who we were at the time and it showed our clients that we had strong and firm northern foundations, however, as the business came out of lockdown and after a period of growth, the clients we’re now working with are not just northern based.  Our brand identity needed to move with us to demonstrate that our model is capable and stretches across the UK, and here we are, Hadrian’s Resourcing Solutions was born and we’re here to stay!

This is a hugely exciting time for the organisation, it’s not just a name change, it’s a brand-new website that we’re fond of too.

Working remotely wasn’t just a lockdown thing for us either, it’s how we’ve always worked so we feel that we were ahead of the game, we just needed a brand refresh!

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